Monday, 27 June 2011

What Constitutes a Good Book?

I wrote this hub.  The title speaks for itself.

Now, strictly speaking, it should have been posted on this blog.  But no-one really reads this blog, so I thought it would get more traffic if I posted it as a hub.  I think I was right.  I suppose you might be thinking that I could have posted it in two places?  Well, HubPages doesn't allow duplicate content, even if you've acknowledged that you've published something in two places and said that the work is all your own.  That's fair enough, I have no complaints about that, they want the content of the articles they promote to be unique.  I am allowed to post a link to my hub though, so you can still read it from here.  It just doesn't have the nice background picture that this blog has.  I did put some other pictures in though, of some nice bookcases, in the hopes that I could placate you a little.

So, incase you didn't spot it above, here's the link to my hub on 'What Constitutes a Good Book?':

If you read it, please feel free to leave a comment - you don't have to be a member of HubPages to leave a comment.